Burlington Foot Clinic – Why Bumps and Lumps on the Foot can be Cause for Concern

People suffering from diabetes must immediately seek the advice of doctors at Medical Foot Solutions when they notice lumps and bumps on the bottom of their foot. Once the lump becomes painful, it can interfere with physical activities like walking and running. Foot care is the specialty of Burlington foot clinic. The doctors can suggest the right treatment therapy and preventive measures to ensure the health of the foot.

Persons with diabetes must watch out for the painful lump at the bottom of their big toe. Usually it is mistaken as a hard callus but it can break down and ulcerate due to excessive pressure. Sometimes, movement is limited because the big toe cannot bend upwards as the heel comes off the ground when walking. As a result, excessive force can be placed on the bottom of the big toe leading to an enlargement of the bone in the area. When you notice any enlargements at the bottom of the big toes, it makes sense to see a professional at Burlington foot clinic.

Painful lumps at t he ball of the foot are usually associated with calluses. It might be a prominent long bone behind the toe that is called the metatarsal bone. When these bones are misaligned, one or more of them can become disproportionate and affect the weight-bearing force on the bottom of the foot. The area will absorb greater pressure because weight is not evenly distributed across the ball of the foot. People suffering from diabetes better be awarebecause thickening of the skin can ulcerate and become infected. The foot doctor at Burlington foot clinic will suggest the use of pads or orthotic device inside the shoes to remove pressure.

Plantar fibromas are lumps and bumps in the arch of the foot. From small clusters, the lumps can gradually enlarge to cause pain while walking. In some patients, the lumps can also be found on the palms of the hands. Treatment usually includes padding on the area to reduce pressure. Functional foot orthotics may be recommended by the foot doctor to reduce if not eliminate the strain on the plantar fascia ligament. Sometimes, this will cause the fibroma to shrink is size.

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